Press Brake

Boyd Metals has continued to develop its in-house processing capabilities with the addition of press brakes in its Tyler and Oklahoma City locations.

Boyd Tyler’s 350-ton Accurpress Accell E brake features and benefits include:

  • Precision Y1/Y2 synchronized closed-loop hydraulics allowing for repeat and parallelism positional accuracies of +/-0.0004” (0.01 mm) across the length of the press brake.
  • Vision 3D Software for full 3D programming, bend visualization, and dynamic viewing during the forming process.
  • Vision Control Elite Backgauge for tapered gauging applications and automatic part-gauging, offering greater flexibility in 6-axes X1/X2, R1/R2, and Z1/Z2.
  • Impressive ram open heights and stroke lengths to provide flexibility for complex part designs
  • Frame integrity allowing for precise off center bending applications.
  • Customized 16” Extended Throat Depth to facilitate parts with deeper flange lengths.

Boyd Oklahoma City’s 230-ton Cincinnati Proform brake features and benefits include:

  • hydraulics with dual pressure transducers for increased tonnage accuracy and digital encoders to deliver ±0.0004” (0.01 mm) ram repeatability for close-tolerance forming.
  • Bend Simulation Software to simulate bending while displaying part, tooling, gage, bed, and ram visualization at each step to verify bending sequence and manually modify tool, part and gage positions.
  • Dynamic Thickness Compensation (DTC) to automatically compensate for variations in material thickness to produce the dished air bend angel for consistent parts.
  • Customized 16” stroke with 14’ overall bed length and 12’6” between housing.