Red Metal

The most common types of red metals are copper, brass and bearing bronze. C110 copper has the highest degree of electrical conductivity of any metal except silver and has excellent corrosion resistance. Common brass products include C353 Leaded Brass, C360 Free Cutting Brass, C464 Naval Brass and C485 Leaded Naval Brass. Common

Bearing Bronze grades include C674 Managanese Bronze, C932 Bearing Bronze and C954 Aluminum Bronze.

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Red Metal Products:

  • Brass Bars

    Flats, rounds, squares, half rounds and hexes in ASTM B 16 Alloy 360 Free Cutting brass

  • Copper Bars

    Rounds, squares, in ASTM B 187 Alloy 110 hard temper copper

  • Copper Bus Bar

    Flats in ASTM B187 Alloy 110 hard temper

  • Bronze Bars

    Flats, rounds and squares in ASTM B 140 Alloy 316 Half Hard temper.

  • Brass Sheet

    ASTM B 36 Alloy 260

  • Commercial Bronze Sheet

    ASTM B36 Alloy 220

  • Aluminum Bronze Sheet

    ASTM B169 Alloy 614

  • Copper Sheet and Plate

    ASTM B 152 Alloy 110

  • Roofing Copper Sheet

    ASTM B 370

  • Brass Tubing

    ASTM B 135 Alloy 330 Drawn General Purpose

  • Brass Pipe

    ASTM B 43 Alloy 230 in Schedule 40 & Schedule 80

  • Copper Tubing

    ASTM B 75 Alloy 122

  • Copper Pipe

    ASTM B 42 Alloy 122 in Schedule 40 & Schedule 80

  • Bronze Bushing in solid rounds and tube

    ASTM B 505 Alloy 932 SAE 660

  • Continuous Cast Aluminum Bronze

    Flats, rounds and squares in Alloy 954 ASTM B 505

  • Aluminum Bronze Round Tubing

    Alloy 954, ASTM B 505


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